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What is VTS...
  1. A VTS combines the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with purpose-designed software (itracksolution) to track the vehicle's location, collecting data in the process from the field and deliver it to the base of operation. iTtrack-M8 use GPS technology for locating the vehicle . Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or itracksolution software.
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  1. RealTime Tracking and Solution
  2. Lower fuel costs
  3. Reduction in labor costs
  4. Increase productivity and profits
  5. Improve customer service
  6. Enhanced safety and security
  7. Better fleet supervision
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  1. Fleet Management
  2. Bike Tracking
  3. Person / Child Tracking
  4. Food and Dairy Technology
  5. Hospital on Wheel
  6. Transportation and Radio Taxi
  7. Railways and Defence
  8. Mines, School and other Institute
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Fleet Management...
  1. Vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics)
  2. Vehicle maintenance
  3. Driver management
  4. Speed management
  5. Fuel management
  6. Health and safety management
  7. School Management
  8. Improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs
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Two Wheelers...
  1. Track your bike any where remotely
  2. Theft Alert and SMS
  3. Distance Travel Report
  4. Help in Marketing to Track sales Executives
  5. Geofence voilation Alert
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  1. Vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics)
  2. Checking Temperature of dairy product
  3. Real Time Delivery system
  4. Track on Google Map
  5. Distance Travel Report
  6. Vehicle Maintenance
  7. Graphical Reports
  8. Geofence Alert and Theft Alert by SMS or Email
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  1. GPS/GPRS based RealTime Tracking System
  2. Spotting Train anytime
  3. Arrival Departure at Station
  4. Speed of Train
  5. Distance Travel by Train
  6. Google Map View for tracking Train
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  1. GPS/GPRS based to track Person or Executives
  2. School Children Tracking
  3. Office Staff and Executives Tracking
  4. Sales Management
  5. Personal Uses
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  1. Track the Heavy Vehicle from any where anytime
  2. Get Halt Report and Alert
  3. Total Distance Traveled
  4. Speed Violation Report
  5. Geofence Alert
  6. Live Tracking of Vehicle
  7. Save Manpower of Management
  8. Fuel Efficiency and Vehicle Service Report
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Radio Taxi...
  1. GPS/GPRS based Tracking System
  2. Live Tracking of Vehicle
  3. Get Alert in wrong path
  4. Saftey for Traveller
  5. Get Distance Travelled by customer
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iTrack-P10 GPS Bike Traker
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